Itasca Fire Protection District - Headquarters Bunk Room & Miscellaneous Remodeling

Project consists of interior remodeling in two concentrated areas. The first area consists of a 2,099 GSF bunk room remodeling project including construction of seven (7) new private bunk rooms, three (3) new private toilet rooms with showers, a laundry room, and two (2) new ADA accessible restrooms for public use. The second project area (+/- 356 SF) includes reconfiguration of the lobby entrance sequence by demolishing the existing glass atrium and refreshing finishes and repurposing existing underutilized space into a new historical display room. This project area also includes construction of a new exterior wall, new storefront, a new concrete entrance plaza, a decorative brick planter for flowers, and other miscellaneous enhancements. The perimeter of the building will include new spray foam insulation and wall furring installed to upgrade performance of the building envelope.
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04_CP1.1 529.4 KB
05_S0.1 120.5 KB
06_S1.1 126.7 KB
07_AD1.0 151.4 KB
08_AD1.1 217.5 KB
09_AD2.1 213.0 KB
10_AD2.2 226.3 KB
11_AS0.1 204.1 KB
12_A1.1 509.2 KB
13_A1.2 495.6 KB
14_A1.3 95.2 KB
15_A2.1 277.3 KB
16_A2.2 373.1 KB
17_A3.1 144.8 KB
18_A4.1 1.0 MB
19_A4.2 1.0 MB
20_A4.3 598.5 KB
21_A5.1 2.6 MB
22_A8.1 241.6 KB
23_A8.2 242.2 KB
24_A9.1 323.6 KB
25_ID1.0 85.5 KB
26_ID1.1 299.8 KB
27_ID1.2 461.1 KB
28_ID1.3 252.5 KB
29_ID1.4 281.7 KB
30_FP1.0 961.8 KB
31_FP3.1 707.9 KB
32_PD1.0 557.6 KB
33_P3.1 2.8 MB
34_P4.1 2.1 MB
35_P1.0 610.1 KB
36_P5.1 331.5 KB
37_ME1.0 665.7 KB
38_HV1.1 708.4 KB
39_HVD1.1 534.9 KB
40_HV2.0 671.8 KB
41_HV3.0 513.3 KB
42_ED1.1 516.6 KB
43_E1.1 686.6 KB
44_E2.1 863.1 KB
45_E3.0 3.2 MB
46_E4.0 821.4 KB
47_E5.0 458.7 KB
48_T0.0 303.7 KB
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