Public Jobs

Bids due in 21 days
10/16/18 10:00 am
Boone County Conservation District - Long Prairie Trail Improvements
Hanson Professional Services Inc.
South of and parallel to IL 173 west of Capron,Illinois, between Beaverton Road and Capron Road in Boone County, Illinois.
The project includes all labor, equipment and materials for the resurfacing of approximately 3.2 milesof pedestrian path and the partial or complete replacement of four timber structures along the trail. The existing 8 ft. wide HMA path surface will be removed and replaced with an aggregate surface. Three multi-span timber trestle bridges will be removed and replaced with pre-engineered steel truss superstructures on new concrete abutments. The superstructure of a single-span timber bridge will be replaced with a new timber superstructure.
Bids due in 9 days
10/4/18 10:00 am
City of DeKalb - 2018 CDBG Roadway Improvements REBID
Baxter & Woodman - Chicago
The proposed construction consists of HMA resurfacing; pavement patching; aggregate base repairs; PCC sidewalk and curb & gutter removal and replacement; structure adjustments; parkway restoration and other miscellaneous items of work. Work on this project shall not start prior to April 1st, 2019 without written approval from the City.
Bids due in 42 days
11/6/18 10:00 am
City of Elmhurst - NPW, NG, FO & Electrical Utility Installations - WPCLP Loan No. L175531
Baxter & Woodman Inc.
See below for full description...
Bids due in 35 days
10/30/18 10:30 am
City of Elmhurst - WRF Improvements - Electrical Distribution - WPCLP Loan No. L175531
Baxter & Woodman Inc.
The proposed work consists of the construction of an Electrical Distribution building including combination master duct bank vault and building foundation, brick/block superstructure, completing duct banks constructed previously, constructing parallel electrical services from the two ComEd transformers into the building, dual ComEd service entrance equipment and automatic transfer switch, ComEd/Generator (future) automatic transfer switch, power distribution panel board, and other miscellaneous items of work
Bids due in 16 days
10/11/18 2:00 pm
City of Marseilles - North WWTP Flood Protection
Baxter & Woodman Inc.
The proposed construction consists of extension of the existing earthen levee, a new floodwall constructed of approximately 1210 feet of hot rolled steel sheet piling, a concrete flood gate with aluminum stop logs at the main entrance, a duplex submersible pump station to pump stormwater/effluent/excess flow to the Illinois River when it is in flood stage, two 12” ductile iron discharge pipes (outfall) force mains, other site piping (excess flow and stormwater), and other miscellaneous items of work
Hampton Inn & Suites - Burr Ridge IL
Prominence Hospitality Group LLC
Bids due in 2 days
9/27/18 11:00 am
Harper College - Campus Utility Sub-Metering REBID
DLR Group
Harper College - 1200 W. Algonquin Rd., Palatine, IL 60067
Work includes (but is not limited to) the following: 1. The addition of a domestic water booster pump and accessories in the D-1 Addition of Building D. 2. New metering devices with BAS interface within Buildings D, E, L, R, and Z, with alternate bids for new metering devises with BAS interface within Buildings A, P, and W.
Bidding Closed
9/24/18 2:00 pm
Niles Township Government - 2018 Paving
Green Associates
Niles Township Government - 5255 Main St., Skokie, IL 60077
Work includes, but is not limited to, the removal and replacement of asphalt paving in the north parking lot; and removal of asphalt paving and replacing with concrete paving in the south parking lot. Concrete curb and concrete driveway apron replacement.
The Orchards at O'Hare - Holiday Inn Express
Prominence Hospitality Group LLC
The Orchards at O'Hare - Orchards Mart
Prominence Hospitality Group LLC